LWFM believes in providing the highest quality counsel with the highest quality service. And while we strive to provide our services at an affordable rate through the use of our technology and streamed-lined approach to working cases, we understand that not everyone can afford to retain counsel.

Often, individuals facing lawsuits, or wishing to file small claims, represent themselves in court. These individuals are called “Pro Se” litigants. That means that an attorney does not represent the individual, and the individual is representing herself. But did you know that Rhode Island law allows you to remain a “pro se” litigant, but also hire an attorney to help you with specific motions and pleadings? Well, it does.

If you are facing a claim without representation, or would like to file a claim while remaining your representative in court, contact us for help filing a complaint, answering a lawsuit, or drafting specific motions.

Think of it as an “A la carte” menu of legal services. We can help you create the pieces you need to build your case in court, without appearing as an attorney on your behalf.